About us

TECH-SYSTEMS was founded in 2012 in Rijeka, Croatia, specializing in IT solutions for small and medium businesses. We offer a wide range of business and technical solutions that cover all aspects of information technology and business needs of our clients. Our services range from analysis, planning, design, development, testing and implementation of information systems. We can assist companies to use the latest technologies using our specific know-how in the industry.

TECH-SYSTEMS was formed by a team of IT professionals who have more than 15 years of experience in auditing, information technology, system management and operations management. The company is committed to the continuous improvement of resources and services. We have technical expertise in many environments, including Microsoft, Unix and Linux. It allows us to professionally manage your entire environment, not just parts of it.

TECH-SYSTEMS was founded on the belief that performance, availability and security of systems and networks are critical to the organization so infrastructure, security and opensource are our core competencies. We are focused solely on their systems and networks, and how they are secure, always available, and operated at its peak, favoring open source technologies where appropriate.

TECH-SYSTEMS has identified a number of open source solutions designed to improve business operations and a lower total cost of ownership. The result is an agile enterprise system, able to respond to changing market demands and increasing competitiveness. Many of these technologies are made with the world’s top research schools and receive the support and contribution of the Apache Foundation and organizations such as NASA, Google and IBM.

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